7 Day Detox

The seven-day detox plan does exactly what it says on the tin which in itself is an aspect that sells the product very well. In fact, this program is very well known across the health industry with many current and existing users talking about the unending benefits and the clear effectiveness of this colon cleanse product. If you have never considered colon cleansing and internal wall cleansing, this actually works to flush your system of toxins and poisons that accumulate over the years. One particular organ that is affected is the colon or intestinal system. Unbeknown to many, there is waste buildup in the colon that is left for long periods of time can actually cause blood poisoning and in extreme cases, even shorten your life span!

The Company

The company claims that their product are superior over similar products on the market. The main aim of this company is not only to produce an effective product but also a product provides quick results for both cleansing the internal organs as well as providing an aid to weight loss. The company website however does not give you clear and concise results which may be a turnoff for many people.

How it Works

As you already know, this particular product works over a seven-day period which is an attractive aspect for many. However do not mistake this product as a long term solution; this is simply a product that gives short-term results for things such as weight loss. Over the seven day period, you are required to take several pills each day which work to flush your system as quickly and effectively as possible.


As already mentioned, the fact that this is a short, seven-day colon cleansing course, means that it is attractive for many people currently in the health market. However, whilst the course itself is indeed short, you are required to consume several pills each and every day. The company do not make any guarantees or claims that the weight loss will be long-term and therefore if weight loss is your main focus then this may not be the product that you are looking for. However, in saying this, the company claims that they hold the world weight loss record of 24 pounds that was shed in seven short days. For anybody who knows a little bit about human health, this is certainly dangerous and an inadvisable way to lose weight. The product also contains ingredients such as caffeine which is deemed as unsuitable ingredient for those looking to lose weight and cleanse their system.

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