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Akai elite is a product that helps promote good health through detoxifying the body and internal organs and eliminating harmful toxins and parasites that our bodies retain. Many people often ask whether these types of products are actually needed but when you consider the way many of us live, our modern lifestyles can force us to consume foods that we know are bad for our health. Unfortunately, this product does not come with any dosage instructions, nor does it is come with a complete breakdown of the ingredients used in the product.

The Company

These types of companies often come under strict scrutiny from the health industry. This particular company however insists that there products are effective and has been developed by some of the best researchers in the market without much else to back their claims. The company does not present consumers with clinical trial results and there are just a handful of consumer testimonials on the website. On the other hand, if you try this product and find that it is not as expected, the company will be more than happy to offer a 14 day money back guarantee from the day that you begin the course.

How it Works

Much like many other similar products on the market, the Acai Elite colon cleansing product works to rid your body of impurities and get you back to optimum health. One particular internal organ that is benefited from this product is the colon. The colon is actually an organ that collects and retains poisons which can eventually seep into your bloodstream. By taking the Acai Elite product, the company claim that your system will be replenished with essential minerals and nutrients and also cleaned from unwanted foreign entities.


As already mentioned, these type of products often comes under strict scrutiny from health industry experts yet the Acai Elite product is not one such product. Whilst they do offer a complete customer satisfaction and 14 day money back guarantee, there are however only very few testimonials online for you to make your decision. Also, the ingredients used in this product aren’t listed causing concern with many people. This is not a product that offers anything greatly different from other similar products yet may certainly be worth a trial considering the retail price and the money back guarantee. As not all of the ingredients are listed with this product, those that are susceptible to allergic reactions may want to consider a different product that provides a more comprehensive breakdown of just what it does to your system.

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