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The way many of us live today means that we often don’t have time to take care of our health and we are consistently neglecting our bodies with things such as fast foods and even other environmental factors that we cannot control. With Cleanse Aware, your system will be flushed of fats, free-radicals and toxins that lie in our colon. If you don’t understand the importance of this, consider these poisons that seep into our bloodstream and can actually cause serious health problems in some cases.

The Company

The company is known as Detox Colon Super Diet Plus. Perhaps not the best company when it comes to choosing product names, it is still a company that is known in the health industry. One aspect of this company that does raise eyebrows is the fact that there simply aren’t that many reviews online to base your judgments on. This seems to be just another company that produces mediocre products, with a handful of happy customers for you to make your decisions on.

How it Works

Cleanse Aware is one of those health products that claims to clean your colon using only safe and “mild” methods. With the special formula designed to be consumed every day, the natural ingredients work to encourage a flush of your system and rid it of harmful toxins and poisons. Not only this but it is also used as a weight loss aid and the company claim that this product can help you lose as much as ten pounds consisting of fecal matter and trapped food that is sitting in your colon. However, this “mild” approach that is claimed by many companies may not be as mild as you think; this is simply a powerful laxative that will have you rushing to the toilet many times through the days on a Cleanse Aware colon “flush” course.


This is a product that has very little reviews online. This in itself is quite clearly a problem for many but if you are willing to take the risk yourself then by all means go ahead. This is not the most expensive product on the market so the risk isn’t too great and in fact, of the few reviews there are online, it is generally positive news. Like all products, regardless of the company claiming a “safe” colon cleansing procedure, you should consult your doctor before starting a course with Cleanse Aware. This could just be the product that works for you but then again, you may be another individual who simply didn’t find it worth your time to write your review.

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In our independent research, the company is ethical, has been in business for some time, has proper contact and privacy policies on their website, and can be communicated easily.

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