Cleanse Smart and Heavy Metal Cleanse

This product is a thirty day program that comes in two stages. These two stages are actually taken once each a day, one being in the morning and the other at night before you go to sleep. As the name quite clearly suggests, this product is designed to help rid your body of metals that build up in our colon and other internal organs over the years. These metals actually lie in your system and come from things such as foods that we eat and even the tap water we drink. With the Cleanse Smart and Heavy Metal Cleanse program, your system naturally eliminates and flushes out these harmful metals that can eventually lead to blood poisoning as it seeps through our intestinal walls.

The Company

The company, known as “Renew life” are quite clearly proud of the fact that in-depth research and development goes into their health products. Just by browsing across the website you will see that the company offer consumer education regarding all sorts of health and digestive problems including constipation and leaky gut syndrome. This in itself is important for many health consumers as we quite rightly the need to know what is going on with our bodies and also what we should do to make ourselves healthier. This company create numerous health products and also organise events all across the US giving you the opportunity to educate yourself, free of charge and make your mind up as to whether this is the product you have been looking for.


How it Works

The product is known in the industry as a powerful colon cleansing product. The special formula works to rid the body of harmful toxins, bacteria and waste that builds up in our colon. Unfortunately it can often be extremely difficult to prevent ourselves from consuming harmful metals and this is exactly why the product was designed. Not only does it help clean your colon, but it is also an effective detoxification program for your liver too.


Perhaps one of the most attractive aspect about this particular health product is the fact that it also comes in vegetarian capsules. Neither one of these products however contain milk or animal products meaning that you can take the product without the worry of succumbing to an allergic reaction. This is a safe product however it can be quite a challenge to find testimonials online and therefore you need to make up your mind or consult your doctor beforehand to see if this is the right product for your particular health requirements.

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