COL- Clear Version B

This product seems to be well known by current health consumers but is not really considered high up on the list of people who have experience with other colon cleansers. If you are not familiar with the way colon cleansers work, they are designed to flush your system of impurities and poisons that can cause mild to even serious health problems. As you would expect, there are actually 2 version of this product. Version B focuses on not only clearing the digestive system but also promoting regularity. This however is something that most colon cleansing products also offer so this in itself is nothing particularly outstanding.

The Company

The biggest claim made by this company is the fact that a famous Dr named Christopher is behind the development if their product formulas. This seems to be one of the main selling point across the range of products they currently offer and it cannot be denied that the company do have a solid marketing structure. They also patent many of their formulas and classify many of their products according to different target areas of health improvement. This is a professional company that rarely receives negative comments online so a company you can probably trust with your money.

How it Works

The product works by cleansing your digestive system of free-radical, fats and waste that can cause blockages and other health concerns. This is a formula constructed by Dr Christopher which to some may mean something; unfortunately this name does not ring many bells with existing health consumers. The formula uses only natural ingredients to slowly encourage your system to purge. Rather than a colon cleanser that promotes good health, improved energy levels and vitality, this product works much like a standard laxative. There are online reviews that do back-up the claims made by the company and the product but as already mentioned, this may just be a safer, yet more expensive alternative to an everyday laxative.


The online reviews and testimonials do generally seem positive about this product. The down side is that most of these people were simply interested in a quick solution to health concerns such as irritable bowel syndrome and other such discomforts. If you are looking for a long term solution to regular bowels then this may not be the right product for you. If on the other hand you are looking for something quick and safe then certainly give it a try.

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