Colax- Aloe Vera Colon Cleanse Tablets

This is yet another product on our consumer shelves that claims to rid your body of unwanted things such as toxins, free-radicals and fecal matter. It is our modern way of living that causes us to neglect our health and this is what ultimately leads to an unhealthy colon. If you don’t already know, the colon is an extremely important organ to look after and in some serious cases, a neglected colon can actually lead to cancer and even respiratory disease. Colax uses only natural Aloe Vera to help fight this health battle and bring you back to good health.

The Company

This company isn’t the most respected in the industry, nor is it the most established. The company is known as Aloe Pura and as you would expect, they focus their attention on producing health products with this plant as the main ingredient. This ranges from products such as gels, hair conditioners and various other lotions. The biggest problem with choosing a company like this is whilst they may offer a different approach to colon cleansing, they are certainly not the experts in this particular field. They are however a trustworthy company and offer a money-back guarantee on all their products.

How it Works

Colax uses capsules that are to be taken once a day throughout a 60 day course. The fact that you simply consume one capsule per day is an attractive factor with this colon cleansing product but the 2 month course is not. There are many similar products on the market but the biggest difference with this product is the fact that it uses Aloe Vera as an alternative to the herbs we see in other similar products.


As already mentioned, the company behind the Colax tablets specialize in Aloe Vera products which are not usually deemed successful when it comes to “flushing” internal organs of bacteria and waste etc.

It is not particularly expensive but then again if it doesn’t work then it will be a waste of you money and time. If you have tried Aloe Vera health products before and liked the results then you may just like this product. In regards to online reviews, this again seems to be something that the company and this product in particular are missing. Simply put, this is an alternative approach to colon cleansing and it may or may not work for you. Also, an unrelated benefit is that you will probably start to see an improvement to the appearance of your skin.

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