Unfortunately, many of us are abusing our bodies and health more than we actually realize. Coloflush is a health product that flushes your colon and internal organs of all those impurities, free-radicals and toxins that build up due to poor diet and other environmental factors. This is an easy product to use but perhaps not much different from other similar products on the market. The product uses only natural herbs and ingredients in the formula that claims to bring you and your body back to optimum health by flushing the system of these impurities.

The Company

This product and the company is not much different to many other health products and companies on the market. The 30 day course can be a problem for some people, especially as the money back guarantee only lasts for 14 days. The company does however, aim to keep their customers happy and provide them with all the important details regarding their products from the ingredients to other related health facts and advice. They also claim that their product was mentioned on the Oprah Winfrey show but whether this is true or not remains a mystery.


How it Works

This product works by using only natural ingredients that clean your system of all the impurities that build up over the years. One of the main focus’s of this product is to clean the colon which is one such organ that can cause serious health problems in many cases. The product works over a thirty day period and flushes your system. Not only this but it also replenishes your system with the all- essential vitamins and nutrients that we need to maintain optimum health.


Whether you want to buy this product or not is really up to you. With a retail price of 80 dollars, this is perhaps one of the more expensive health products on the market. Also, with a price like this you would naturally assume it to be one of the most effective colon cleansers out there but you may be wrong. Many previous and even current users of this product note that it is not the most effective, nor the fastest product on the market. As with all colon cleanser products though, this might be a product that works for you. To find out you will need to have a spare 80 dollars yet for half this price you could even experiment with a different product all together.

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