Colon Therapy

Colon therapy is a type of therapy that actually has a lot of different names. A lot of people call it colon irrigation, and others call it colon hydrotherapy. Other names include enema irrigation and/or coffee enemas. Although, they are all done the same way, and that is with water or another liquid substance. So what is colon therapy, and what does it do? Pretty much, colon therapy is where they take gallons of water and they move it through your colon. This is done with a special machine. However, even though this is used the most, it is not the only thing that is used. Other solutions and substances (like coffee) are sometimes passed though the colon as well. Either way you look at it, it’s the clearing of the intestines (or the colon) to get rid of the stuff that is stuck in there.

For the most part, there is no scientific evidence that support that this kind of therapy can treat cancer. However, it can help to keep the colon clean. There are some side effects that can go with colon therapy. In fact, one of the most common is infection, which can lead to death. Although there are alternative colon therapy options out there, most people like the colon hydrotherapy. It is pretty much considered nothing more than a detoxification method to remove the accumulated waste from your colon. These are usually the kinds of things that you would worry about as you get older. People who get old usually lose the digestive enzymes in their stomach. This causes things that should not get through to get to the colon.

Whenever you use colon therapy you are going to be given a colon therapy chart. Although this can mean many things, usually a colon therapy chart is the chart that is used to keep up with colon therapy. So pretty much, this leaves one question left and that is, how is it done? What happens is a plastic tube is inserted into your rectum and into the colon area. The machine at that point is going to send large amounts of water (or liquid into your intestines). They normally do up to 20 gallons of water. Of course, if you are just cleaning the rectum, then they use about a quart of fluid. After the colon is full of water, the therapist is going to massage the abdomen. This is going to help remove all of the waste that is stuck on the colon walls. After that, the water and the waste are going to be carried out through a different tube. Most of the time, this is done a few times. Colon therapy usually takes about an hour to do. After it is all removed, you are going to notice a difference in the way that you feel. You are also going to notice that you have also decreased in weight. After all, the junk you had been carrying around is all gone. Some people support colon therapy, and some do not. You should talk to your doctor to see if it is right for you or not.

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