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For those interested in maintaining optimum physical health one of the most popular methods used today is colon cleansing. If you have never tried colon cleansing, in a basic sense this is a method used to flush out all those harmful toxins and poisons that accumulate in our colon due to everyday life which may be due to stress, foods or even certain drinks we consume. Detox plus is a revolutionary product that comes in capsule form and offers you a deep and thorough cleanse of your digestive system, your liver and your intestines. This is not a process that takes place over 24 hours but in fact one full month of the Detox plus course that will give you a full cleanse and a revitalized source of energy. There are so many advantages to the Detox plus products which include cleansing of parasites which reside in our intestinal system, a complete flush of your liver and offers great relief for those who suffer from constipation and bloating.


The Company

The company behind the Detox plus colon cleanser is known as evolution slimming. This is actually a very well-respected company, with many of their products reviewed by well-known newspapers and some of the world’s most scrutinizing critics. Not only does this company offer colon cleansing products but also many other products to help aid with weight loss and overall health of both men and women. All of the Evolution slimming products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards with their main store residing in the south of England in the county of Kent. Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of the Evolution slimming company is the fact that they operate from an environmentally friendly building and are rated by BREEAM as excellent. BREEAM stands for British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.

How it works

As already mentioned, Detox plus uses a 30 day course and consists of 90, easy-to-swallow fully herbal capsules taken three times a day. Upon starting the course, your system will begin the cleansing process in which all the harmful toxins start to leave your body. This includes fat that is not needed in your body and toxins in not only your intestines, but also your liver and every other aspect of your digestive system. The Detox plus product works in two stages. Evolution slimming recommends that for the first 15 days of the course on Detox plus, you must take the capsules with water. The company recommends that you take two in the morning and two before you sleep at night and after 15 days there’s no need to consume these capsules with water at all.


Evolution slimming is one of the most respected companies in the field of colon cleansing. They not only offer a superior product that will give you vitality and improved energy levels but this also comes coupled with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Detox plus has been given five stars from many online reviews and continues to be the leading product on the market due to the effectiveness of their products coupled with the price and also the superior level of customer service- Highly recommended for those interested in improving their health.

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