Intestinal Drawing Formula

The intestinal drawing formula is a health product that works by absorbing all the harmful poisons from your bowel and leaving yourself detoxified and healthier. Not only does this product help eliminate things such as free radicals and toxins in your colon but it also has clear effects on the health of your liver too. This product is a kind of healing product that takes away all those poisons and cleans your bowel using natural herbs and nourishing ingredients. It is also product that provides your body with vitamins and enhancement enzymes, as well as a parasite formula to rid your body of those unwanted foreign entities.

The Company

The company is known as “HealthForce” and is certainly a well respected company within the health industry. They do not focus a lot of attention on marketing each one of their health products yet many health consumers have, and will, continue to stick with this company when it comes to their health. They produce many different types of products and have been presented with numerous awards for best super foods and other awards within the health industry. They produce not only colon cleansing products but also vitamin supplements, blood detoxifying products and liver healing products to name but a few. If you are looking for a company that have experience with numerous aspects of personal health then you may want to consider HealthForce.

How it Works

Much like many other products on the market, the intestinal drawing formula works to cleanse your colon and bring your intestinal system back to optimal health. However, one particular difference with this product and the formula they use is the fact that it is a product that focuses on drawing poisons from your system as opposed to simply flushing your system completely.


Whilst you will find information regarding this product on numerous websites, the testimonials, effectiveness and also safety information can be a challenge to find. This quite rightly causes concern for many people, especially if they do not understand what is used in the product and the specific formula. However, this can often be the case with many effective colon cleansing programs that you see online and may lie down to simply the fact that a company and a product that is effective do not focus all of their time and energy on marketing and pushing out their products to consumers. If you have seen this product elsewhere then it is a good idea to carry out adequate research before you consider a course. Alternatively, and perhaps more sensibly, you should consult your physician beforehand to see whether this product is actually going to perform as claimed.

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