Nat-Lax TNT

Due to our modern lives, our health is often neglected through poor diets and other environmental factors that often can’t be controlled. Fast foods are especially bad for our health which is no surprise to most people yet the processed and saturated fats collect in your digestive system and do cause serious health problems. This product works like most products on the market to simply flush your system of poisons and toxins that reside in the colon. There really is not much to differentiate between other colon cleansing products currently on the market.

The Company

This company is not the most well known and respected companies in the health industry. They do however base many of their formulations on the Dr Christopher formulas which keeps consumers happy and trusting their products. If you live in the United Kingdom then you may be pleased to know that the company offers free deliveries across the U.K on all of their products and you may be awarded a discount off the recommended retail price. People generally seem happy with the “Specialist Supplements” company but really do come across as just another company in the lucrative business world of health and general well-being.

How it Works

As you would expect from a product that uses a form of explosives in its name, this is not for the faint hearted individuals who are looking for something mild. The Nat-Lax TNT product is a powerful laxative that does nothing more than flush your system of everything mentioned in the product description. The capsules are to be taken 1 to 3 times per day and there doesn’t seem to be a clear indication for the duration of a single course. In fact, the manufacturers do not recommend that the course be taken for more than three months and is certainly not recommended for consumption by pregnant women.


As there is no standard time frame for the course, this in itself can be a “turn-off” for many prospective health consumers. The product and the manufacturer do claim that it is a mild solution to colon cleansing which is a complete contradiction to the “TNT” used in the product name. Not the most expensive product on the market and also coming with some heavy discounts, it may seem like the company are struggling to make sales. In a sense, this appears to be a standard product produced by a standard company with the added bonus of free product delivery and as already mentioned- big discounts.

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