Natural Laxatives

Laxatives are used to loosen stool within the body and to relieve constipation. When people are having difficulty with their bowel movements they tend to seek out over the counter laxative medicines to provide them with immediate, or over night relief. Sometimes people abuse the use of laxatives and they can suffer serious complications because of this. Over the counter laxatives can have some serious side effects such as pain within the abdomen and stomach, as well as make a person have hot flashes, dizziness, or emergency diarrhea.

If an individual is considering taking laxatives to provide relief of constipation or other various conditions, they should talk to their general practitioner first. The general practitioner will be able to offer the right medication, or over the counter medicine for the condition in question. Many people need to take some form of laxative because they have a more serious condition that worsens with the straining of a bowel movement. Some of these conditions are known as angina, tears in the skin around the anus, and hemorrhoids. Sometimes older people who have reduced mobility have problems with constipation and need to take some form of laxative. The doctor may prescribe a variety of solutions such as the intake of more fiber and water. Laxatives are used in a variety of medical procedures as well such as a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is when the doctor takes a look inside the bowel and performs some tests to check an individual’s bowel health. Laxatives are also used to clear out the bowel before various surgeries.

The main types of laxatives are:

• Stimulant laxatives such as Epsom salt laxatives, mineral oil laxatives, and castor oil laxatives
• Bulk forming laxatives such as fiber and bran laxatives
• Gentle baby laxatives
• Food laxatives such as prune laxatives
• Osmotic Laxatives (increasing water intake)
• Natural laxatives
Natural laxatives and colon cleansing works very well to provide an individual with relief and constipation. Sometimes the human bowel gets blocked, and filled with a variety of pollutants and chemicals. This is when a colon cleanse is very important for optimum health. Many colon cleanse formulas have a number of different types of fiber in them. The colon cleanse allows the stool to soften and move through the human body in a gentle fashion. They work effectively to clear the bowel and allow the system to maintain a regular balance once again. This can be a great way to rejuvenate the system, increase energy, and start fresh. The individual might have to change their daily diet and lifestyle. Exercise will always help keep the body functioning at a healthy level and it will help an individual struggling with constipation to feel less stress. The individual might have to drink more liquids than normal, primarily water. This will assist the softening of the stool so they can pass it without as much pain as they would beforehand.

If an individual is looking for a natural alternative to over the counter medicines and laxatives that can become painful, they should visit our top three list of colon cleanse reviews to see the most effective colon cleanse on the market as rated by real consumers.

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