Paragone and the company behind this product understand that our everyday living, especially in this modern and fast paced lifestyle, leads to our body being infected with parasites, unwanted toxins and waste which can cause detrimental effects towards our health. The difference between this particular product and many other competing products on the market is that the company and developers have focused on aspects such as an imbalance of yeast and fats which can attack and invade organs in our body if we do not monitor and maintain our health properly. The Paragone product helps restore this balance and helps clean out not only the intestines and colon, but also helps purify the bloodstream and eliminate things such as headaches, memory loss and diarrhea caused by these such impurities.

The company

The company itself uses a refreshing approach towards the way they develop their products and their overall concept as a company. They do not simply focus on flushing the system of everything that our intestines retain, but actually have a deeper understanding of the way our bodies need to be balanced. Many of the ingredients used in their products actually rid the system of fungus and parasites, with a specially developed formula that we can find in everyday products.

How it works

Paragone is a product that uses a 35 day program. In fact, many existing users of this product claim that within just a few days, you will start to experience higher levels of energy and vitality. Aside from the length of the program, this product and the way it works is not dissimilar from many other health products currently on the market. It seems today that on the surface, many colon cleansing products are identical but one thing that cannot be denied is that each product takes advantage of specially constructed formulas and particular ingredients that focus on specific areas of the body. This is a product that does not claim to aid in weight loss yet does focus closely on the elimination of bacteria and parasites whilst maintaining your body’s natural balance.


Finally, if you have been considering this product then you must understand that not every product is as effective as the next. Certain individuals will be more receptive to ingredients in colon cleansing products yet the reviews on the Paragone product are nearly all positive. Most people giving reviews recommend this product and results have been transparent. However, before considering this product you may want to consult your doctor rather than simply listen to people online.

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