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Colonix is an effective colon cleansing program that helps rid your intestine and colon of all the built up toxic waste and fecal matter that had accumulated in it over the years. Its ingredients all help to decrease gas, water and bloating in the body, and also helps treat constipation and other health conditions associated with a toxic colon.

Colonix helps regulate bowel movements, and has quickly become one of the most popular colon cleansing products available in the market. The company Dr. Natura is responsible for producing this colon cleanse, and have today risen to be the global leader in both body cleansing and detoxification.

Efficient probiotic

Colonix has some great natural ingredients and good fibers that not only helps cleanse the colon, but also works as an efficient probiotic. However if compared to the newer and latest colon cleanser products available in the market, the overall formula of Colonix does not seem to be that strong a colon cleansing product.

Though Colonix has natural ingredients like Uva Ursi leaf, senna leaf and psyllium husks in it, it does not have any patented or proven ingredients in it that helps with colon cleansing.

Complicated program with restrictions

There is a drawback at using Colonix as a colon cleanse as it seems to be rather complicated to follow and it comes with lots of restrictions. This is because the program regulates not only the amount and kind of food you have to eat while on the program, but you also have to drink a specific amount of water every day to ensure you are not under or over the prescribed amount.

In fact, those who don’t drink sufficient water while on Colonix complain of severe headaches, cramps, constipation and bloating, which are the main symptoms that have to be cured by a Colonix and not triggered by it. However on the contrary, those who did drink the prescribed amount of water complained that this program was not an effective colon cleanse at all.

Moreover, people suffering from health problems like heart disease, Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, anemia, blood vessel diseases, divertical disease and some other diseases are not advised to take Colonix.

Consult your doctor

Though Colonix comes with money back guarantee, there are some people who complain that the ‘free trial offer’ Colonix offers generally leads to expensive auto shipments. So in a nutshell, Colonix does prove to be an effective colon cleanse; however there are even better ones available too.

Moreover, as Colonix has been around for some time, it instills confidence in potential buyers thinking of using it for their colon cleansing needs. However there are not that many satisfied Colonix customers, and those who have used it, complain that it is a bit difficult to understand and follow for a colon cleanse.

Moreover, it seems to be a rather dangerous cleanse for people suffering from health conditions to use. This is why if you plan to use Colonix, it is better to do so only after consulting your medical professional about the safety and efficiency of the product as a colon cleanser.

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