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Dual action cleanse is a product that promotes good health for many of the most important internal organs in your body. This includes the kidneys, gallbladder, liver and perhaps most importantly, your colon. The product helps remove harmful toxins and free radicals that accumulate and build up in our internal organs over the years. Unfortunately, unbeknown to many people, this has ill effects on our health and can reduce the effectiveness of our immune system, breakdown our defenses and leave us susceptible to serious illnesses and in some extreme cases, even lead to an early death. Due to our fast paced lifestyle in which many of us simply do not have time to consume healthy foods from one day to the next, things such as junk food really do add to the problem of toxin and waste buildup in our colon. With this product your system will be given a complete blast through and is a powerful formula recommended to be taken alongside a comprehensive nutritional plan.

The company

The company behind this particular product focuses on producing a powerful cleansing kit and complete body purifier. Like many other competing companies out there, they also use natural ingredients and an environmentally friendly process to manufacture their products. Whilst they do remain high up on the list for many current health product consumers, there have been issues in the past regarding refunds and other such disputes. Unfortunately, whilst the company is committed to producing a highly effective product, these disputes seem to have caused many potential consumers to look elsewhere in the worry that this company do not deliver on their promises.

How it works

This particular colon cleansing system uses capsules containing many natural products to help flush your system of all the unwanted waste and toxins as already mentioned above. Some of these ingredients include Apple powder, fennel seed, oat bran, and many other natural products. There are actually two different types of capsules that come with this product, with the first known as the “colon clear formula” capsule and the second capsule known as the “total body purifier”, which again, consists of many natural products to help promote good health and clear your system of toxins and free radicals.


As already mentioned, this is a company that has come under scrutiny due to the fact that a handful of consumers have complained that when asking for a refund, the company simply refused to comply. However, if you are looking for an effective colon cleanser then you should not let these few negative reviews overshadow what is ultimately a great product produced by a great company. On the website you will see that they do not offer money-back guarantees, yet the testimonials are a clear reflection that this company does indeed deliver on their promises to their loyal and happy customers.

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