People all over the world are exposed to poisons and toxins due to poor diet and other environmental factors. The Puranol product claims to flush your system of these toxins and bring you and your colon back to optimal health. Unbeknown to many, our colon collects fats, metals and toxins that absorb into our bloodstream and can actually cause serious health problems in some cases. The Puranol product is designed to eliminate these foreign entities and give you better energy levels and an improved sense of vitality.

The Company

This company is perhaps more established than other competing companies in the health industry. The claims to produce elite health products and use only the best ingredients when creating their formulas. As they are well established, they do seem to gain more trust from consumers when compared to other similar companies yet do not really stand out much from the crowd otherwise. If it is trust you are looking for then maybe this is the company you should consider but other than that they are a company who have simply been in the health industry for longer than others.

How it Works

Again, there isn’t much to say about this product other than it works much like other similar products on the market. It works by using natural ingredients in the formula and works almost the same as a standard laxative. As you begin the course, your system will start to “purge” all the bad things from your colon and you will find yourself sprinting to the toilet, often at a moment’s notice. If you are an individual that finds him or herself allergic to certain herbs then you should approach your doctor or physician beforehand.


Whether this is the best product on the market or not is simply down to the way it works for the individual. You will find many online reviews claiming it to be very effective and others stating otherwise. In fact, the positive online reviews may just be a marketing tactic to encourage people to part with their money. This is however a product developed by an established company which in itself is more than enough for people to have trust in a product. If you want to try this product then certainly go ahead and give it a try as it could just work for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a product that has received recommendations on TV and Radio then this may not be the product for you.

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Bowtrol was given the highest review scores. These reviews were submitted directly to our website, and were also collected at other trustworthy places on the Internet

In our independent research, the company is ethical, has been in business for some time, has proper contact and privacy policies on their website, and can be communicated easily.

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