Our modern lifestyles often mean that we simply do not have the time to watch our diet and be 100% attentive to our health each and every day. One particular organ that can be affected by modern living is our colon and that is why Regulux have developed a program that helps promote good health for your colon and assist in a better over feeling of health and well-being.

Unfortunately, our colon is susceptible to waste buildup and free radicals and through the use of the Regulux program you can flush your system of these unwanted foreign entities and enjoy better health.


The Company

The company behind the Regulux product believes in developing their products to ensure maximum effectiveness and a complete flush out of your system. Whilst there are many products on the market that offer a mild approach to colon cleansing, this company and their product is certainly not one of these. Much like literally hundreds of other companies out there in the health industry, they also use only natural ingredients and herbs in their colon cleansing formula for their products.

How it Works

As already mentioned, this is a sixty day program which is considerably longer than many other similar health courses available on the market today. Regulux works by cleansing the colon of free radicals, unwanted bacteria and other toxins and waste that build up in our bowels. Through the use of natural herbs and ingredients, this product claims to give you and your system a complete flush through leaving you revitalised and more energetic. In fact, many people choose this particular product as a way to lose weight but as not all the ingredients in the product is listed on the box, you must check with your physician before you undertake a Regulux course.


For many people, this is an unsuitable product for their specific needs. This is simply down to the fact that Regulux consist of 60 day course whilst other competing products on the market claim to give you the same results within seven days. Unfortunately, there are not many reviews online by existing customers so whether you believe this particular company and their products is simply down to the research you carry out beforehand. Overall, it is generally considered an effective product but is certainly a long-winded course. Due to the fact that not all the ingredient information is listed on the packaging, you may want to approach your doctor or physician beforehand.

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