Total Body Rapid Cleanse

The way in which many of us live our lives today means that we simply do not have the time to watch our diet, 100% of the time. This neglect on our digestive system can have mild to even serious effects on our health and this is why colon cleansing products were invented. Foods such as processed and fast foods can and does lead to fatty build up in your colon. This can leave you feeling bloated and drained of energy. With the Total Body Rapid Cleanse, your system will experience a complete flush through which the manufacturers of this product claim to leave you feeling younger, more energetic and generally a lot healthier.

The Company

Renew life is a company that was started over ten years ago by a couple who were interested in health and obviously had the funds to start up a company. The company have gained much exposure over the years with TV appearances, radio plays and other such forms of marketing. Brenda Watson has actually written and published over 5 books on the subject of health and claims to have helped people live longer and healthier through her teachings. There is no doubt that this company is well respected and well known but the “personal” approach as opposed to a “scientific” approach is actually a factor that puts many health consumers off.

How it Works

There are so many colon cleansing products on the market today that it is difficult to really decide which product is the best. If you are looking for something that doesn’t take months to complete then you may be interested in the Total Body Rapid Cleanse product and the short 7 day program the product gives you. This is a “deep” cleansing product and is not for those that are worried about side effects or 100 meter sprints to the nearest toilet. It simply works at maximum capacity to flush your system and do exactly what it is supposed to do. There are actually three parts to this short program that not only focus on your colon but also on other internal organs such as the liver which can also be affected by everyday neglect.


The general marketing and the fact that the company was started by a couple seems to be what drives their products more than anything else. Some people swear by the products whilst others feel it is just hype and would rather put their health in the trust of a larger, more experienced company. The products are not expensive comparatively speaking, nor are they cheap. Simply put this is yet another company claiming to offer the best and most effective health products on the market yet you might find this product ineffective for you and your body.

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