Ultimate Fasting Cleanse

As the name quite clearly suggests, this is a hard hitting product that should not be considered by those looking for that “mild” touch. Perhaps however, one aspect that could be considered “mild” is the fact that it is a lemonade drink health product that makes it very easy to consume.  In fact, this is a product that non-other than Beyonce Knowles used to lose 20 pounds before her role in a movie. This was actually aired on the Oprah Winfrey show that quite clearly changed this product over-night with many hopeful dieters rushing to the health stores to make their purchases. This particular product is also known as the “detox diet” which was originally designed to simply flush the system of unwanted bacteria and free-radicals. Whilst the product’s main role still remains the same, it is also known as a very effective weight loss product.

The Company

This is a well known company that has perhaps become more famous due to the Beyonce “mention” on the Oprah Winfrey show. It may be true that market hype to this degree could cause people to overlook the effectiveness of this product but a company like this only allows airplay if they are 100 percent confident in its product. This company seems to have gone from strength to strength over the last few years and they are certainly one of the better and well respected companies out there today.

How it Works

This is perhaps one of the least complicated colon cleansing diets out there on the market today. Whilst other products are indeed effective, they may also contain tens upon tens of ingredients which can often leave you swimming in confusion and even putting the product back on the shelf. With the ultimate Fasting Cleanse, the ingredients could not be more simple; syrup, pepper, lemons and water- that’s it. So, if it is so simple then why don’t we all go out and simply buy these products to make our own healthy body cleanser? This is indeed a good question but the secret lies in the special blend of these ingredients.


The fame of this product cannot be denied which can cause for some to make hasty decisions. Remember though that regardless of what others are saying it is down to your particular body type if you are to benefit from this colon cleansing and body flush product. This is still considered one of the most popular and effective products on today’s shelves but do not let the fame blind your judgment, this is simply another health product with both good and bad points to the course.

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