Whole Body Cleanse

The Whole Body Cleanse is suitable for both men and women who have a hectic lifestyle and often don’t have the time to look after their health. As the name of this product suggests, this actually flushes out your whole system and not just your colon. Unbeknown to many, our internal organs can take a severe punishment from things such as the foods we eat, our environment and even the tap water we drink. So what is Whole Body Cleanse? Well Whole Body Cleanse works to eliminate all those free-radicals and fatty toxins that lay in our colon and internal organs. After completing a course, your body will be free from toxins and your natural PH balance will be back to normal. This will leave you not only healthier inside but also feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

The Company

This company offers their products both on and off-line. This means that for those who do not spend a lot of time online; ie, the older generations, this has become a popular company that is well know within the health industry. They offer a money back guarantee on their products if you are not completely satisfied and their workforce contains some of the best brains in the business of health research and development.

How it Works

The Whole Body Cleanse is designed to be an “easy-to-consume” product. The small capsules are to be taken with a glass of water each day and the course is said to be very easy indeed. The ingredients in these capsules have a three-stage effect. The first stage is designed to stimulate the movement in ones bowels. The second stage is designed to cleanse the colon and other internal organs and finally the third stage is where the “purge” process happens and all that unwanted waste is literally pushed out of your body.


This is a product that takes 14 days to complete the course. Whilst some courses are shorter than the Whole Body Cleanse, 2 weeks is certainly not a lifetime and a realistic approach to colon cleansing and the time it takes to test the product. If you are looking for something that is not too harsh and a good alternative to strong laxatives then this may just be the product for you. The company also claims that it will help you sleep better at night, consequently leaving you feeling more refreshed and energetic throughout the day. As already mentioned, this is a product that is suitable for both men and women and comes with a satisfaction money-back guarantee.

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