Why You Should Consider Colon Cleansing

While some might be somewhat embarrassed to talk about it, there are very few other topics in health that are as popular as colon cleansing – and for good reason. Some people swear by the system, while others don’t see the results that some companies want you to believe you you will see (or prevent). Still many more struggle to find the right information on the subject, or are unclear about the type of products the should use to maintain proper (and good) health. But before knowing what, when and how to do a cleanse, we need to be educated about the function of the digestive system, what the colon is, and why it and the overall digestive system and colon health is critical to our overall health and wellbeing.

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What is the Digestive System?


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The digestive system works in a mechanical way to break down food into nutrients for the body and absorbed into the blood stream. The digestive system, including the colon, is one of the most important and critical systems in the human body. If waste material is not digested and excreted properly, a large number of health issues will begin to surface.

What is the Colon?

The colon is the last area of the digestive system. The responsibility of the colon is to extract solid waste, water and salt from the system. Waste material is also stored here. The colon consists of four parts – the ascending colon, the transverse colon, descending colon and the sigmoid colon.

When material is allowed to sit, or buildup in the colon over time, toxins and substances in the waste material stay in contact with the colon wall. Over time, if the material remains immobile, it can accumulate and compact inside the colon wall. At the the point of impaction, the waste material becomes more difficult to remove.

When the toxins and waste are in contact for this long with the wall of the colon, then begin to leach the toxins directly into the colon wall, which absorbs the waste products and brings them into the body. The buildup of this matter in the colon further compresses and compacts the movement, slowing the colon and causing sluggish muscle control, further slowing the entire process, causing constipation and reduction in metabolism as the body struggles to eliminate the waste. This material, if not cleared, will begin to buildup over years.

Colon Cancer – What are the Risks?

When the material and waste is not eliminated from the colon as feces, the contact with the cell wall increase the chances of colon cancer (colorectal cancer) exponentially. Due to our Western orientated diets, high fat, preservative and red meat byproducts are stored too long in the colon.*

Colorectal cancer is the 4th leading type of cancer in males, and the 4th leading type of cancer in females and is highly preventable. Once colon cells become cancerous, the cancer can quickly spread to the lungs and other critical areas of the body.

Diet and Impact on the Colon

In a highly healthy diet, with limited fats, preservatives and red meat, the colon does its job perfectly eliminating waste. Food is quickly metabolized and moved through the colon, which is strong and responsive. A balanced diet of whole grains and fibers, lots of leafy vegetables and legumes, very low portions of highly lean meat (and less red meat) and lots of water will help the colon to perform the way it was intended to, and waste material stays on the colon wall for a short period of time. Buildup stays to a bare minimum.

When the Colon Suffers, We Suffer…

However, due to our busy lifestyles, most of us do not get the chance to eat the way we would like to. Eating foods on the run, purchasing and consuming pre-packaged foods, drinking low amounts of water while consuming too much coffee (leading to internal dehydration) and a myriad of other problems causes the average colon to be under stress. A deficiency in wholesome fibers and natural herbs which detoxify lead to a spiralling decrease in colon performance under the load of toxins, fats and byproducts. Over time, the colon beings under-performing.

As a result, the body begins to absorb the toxins, material clogs the colon and gets impacted, and the chances of parasites forming increase exponentially. We begin feeling the health effects which include:

  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • Water Retention
  • Bloating and Gas
  • Skin Quality Decrease

Additionally, because the colon is clogged, the ability for the colon to absorb necessary salts, water and balance nutrients and the process of elimination is compromised. The system continues to deteriorate as the colon is no longer able to keep up in the process of elimination of waste from he body, and health declines at at rapid rate.

How Do I Restore the Colon and Digestive Health?

The ideal way to restore your colon, digestive and overall health is to drastically improve diet and exercise daily. However, not all of us have the time to do this.

The Good News…You Can Remove Toxins, Waste and Buildup by Cleansing…

The good news is that you can restore your health, proper colon health, and reduce the issues which arise from colon problems. There are a number of high quality natural cleansing products on the marketplace which our we believe do an exceptional job in breaking up, reducing and clearing out years of fecal matter and waste built up in the colon as well as reducing all toxins and eliminating parasites.

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